About us

Parenting.lk is a digital resource center for all parents and ‘parents to be’ in Sri Lanka. We deliver locally relevant parenting advice and locally customized tools and applications for parents of children of all ages.
Parenting.lk was launched in 2014 as a result of 6 months of research and planning by a group of Sri Lankan parents to fill a long standing gap in Sri Lankan online publications. All the resources and parenting advice contributed on the website are original content written in Sri Lankan context, unless otherwise disclosed as quoted or reproduced from a different source.

Our Vision

Parenting.lk envisions a brighter and happier future for all Sri Lankan families.

Our Mission

Parenting.lk is building a brighter future for Sri Lanka by empowering the parents of today, the caretakers of the next generation which will run this country. We equip them with the necessary parenting skills and resources to raise a good child, who will eventually turn into a good citizen of this country.